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Ms. Splosion Man Beta Sign-Up Form Now Open!

Published on May 26, 2011 By Lawrence Diego

Like Splosion Man? Well, the follow-up to Twisted Pixel’s 2009 award-winning Summer of Arcade hit is having a Beta open for 10,000 registrants that will run for 3 weeks starting on June 6 to June 26. Interested? Follow these steps: Go here. Sign in with your Windows Live ID. If you haven’t yet, you will […]

Pinball FX2 Tournament Starts Today!

Published on January 14, 2011 By Marissa Espericueta

Want to win some Microsoft Points and some other cool stuff? Then enter the Pinball FX2 Tournament! All you have to do is: 1. Select the tournament icon in the game menu bar. 2. Choose the BioLab Table and your score will automatically register upon game completion. 1st Place 4,000 MS Points Marvel Pinball DLC […]

Twisted Pixel Announces Ms. ‘Splosion Man and More

Published on January 13, 2011 By Lawrence Diego

Twisted Pixel has told Joystiq that Ms. Splosion Man and another unannounced title will be playable at PAX East in March. The representative also added that their second title will be revealed soon, most likely before PAX East. This second title from Twisted Pixel is being worked on by ex-Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale and […]

[UPDATE]Capcom’s MaXplosion too similar to XBLA’s ‘Splosion Man

Published on January 12, 2011 By Lawrence Diego

UPDATE: Twisted Pixel has stated, when talking to Joystiq, that they’re not going to even bother suing Capcom as they’re just an indie developer while Capcom has the manpower and financial support to outdo them. “While I think the similarities are pretty nauseating, we’re too small to take on a company like Capcom,” said Wilford. […]