ControltheController was originally imagined in the summer of 2010, after Lawrence (LMA9375) and Marissa (dogwierdo) fortunately won a trip to E3 ’10, in the hopes to return to the Expo officially part of the gaming journalism industry. After being created, any progress on the site was lacking.

Later in November of that year, ControltheController was revived with the help of John (JohnBgon) and under his website, LL2H.com. The site came back with more support and more interest than ever.



Co-founder / Editor-in-Chief
Lawrence Diego – aka LMA9375

Email: Lawrence@controlthecontroller.com

Twitter: @LMA9375

Co-founder / Contributing Editor
Marissa Espericueta – aka dogwierdo

Email: Marissa@controlthecontroller.com


Managing Editor
John – aka JohnBgon

Email: John@controlthecontroller.com

Twitter: @JohnBgon

Senior Editor

Rey Abaldanado – aka Spinnaker7

Email: ReyNicholas@controlthecontroller.com

Twitter: @Spinnaker42

Contributing Editor

Louis Jabonillo – aka clonekid13

Email: Louis@controlthecontroller.com

Twitter: @bloodxbeast

Contributing Editor
Andrew Vlahos – aka Andros

Email: Andrew@controlthecontroller.com


Contributing Editor
Joseph Maddela – aka RidgeRacerJM

Email: Joey@controlthecontroller.com