3DS Recognizes In-Line Mics

So I was checking out the Nintendo 3DS Sound Application.  I then put some small percentage of my 80 GB music collection onto the included 2 GB SD card.  Next, I broke out my JBuds J3M Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Microphone that I normally utilize for my iPhone and Ventrillo on my Macbook Pro. Before I could even start listening to Doggystyle, I noticed that the application stopped using the built-in mic and had automatically begun using the in-line microphone.

So what do you think?  This definitely looks promising for the possibility of adequate voice chat in games and apps on the 3DS in the future.  Anybody who has attempted using on-board mics for gaming know that they aren’t really the optimal choice for communicating effectively, unless you want your teammates to hear everything that is happening in your neighborhood.

And no I don’t think Animal Crossing with Wii Speak is a good example of that working well.  Having a conversation interrupted while you are debating on whether you want to trade a chair for a sunflower hat isn’t quite the same as having your cry for help drowned out by your jackass roommate on the phone while your face gets casually torn open by some special infected.

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